The Dances

We attempt many different dances, some old and traditional and some new and created in-house. The style of AnnieMation is eclectic and evolving and we have been known to add our own unique little flourishes to liven things up.  That way we never have to admit to making A MISTAKE!!!

Our current repertoire includes:


Rope Walk (danced with ropes!)

Ansty Mill (well, we’re nearly there)



Green Willow (thanks Julia)

Bonnie Breastknot  (thank you Nina and Gerald))

Cosgrove (the Teflon dance, cos there’s no sticks!)

Cotton Reels (created by Sally Messenger)

Preston Royal (thanks Margaret C )

17th (invented on March the 17th!)

Newtown (created by Rosie Forth)

Oyster Feast (by Sally, again)

Jack’s Rant (Thanks Julia, again!)

and Polka Dot (learned at a workshop from Alive and Kicking)

We are hoping also to revive some more of the dances we used to do in the past which have been neglected as we’ve been teaching the core repertoire to new dancers.

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