New Town Open Gardens

The weather was just perfect for New Town Open Gardens last Sunday – the sun was shining, it was pleasantly warm with hardly a breath of wind. We started at The Artilleryman when the event was opened by the local counsellor, with our trusty favourite Tingley. The was a very small, but appreciative audience, boosted by a local wool spinning showcase. Even our musician Paul gave it a go! We did a few dances there then headed off to our next slot, passing the Royal Mortar on the way. More of this later.
We rocked up at Myrtle Grove where we were given the usual warm welcome by Ann (And Harry), with some very welcome refreshment and cake. Feeling slightly fuller we danced again, stopping the traffic the process. We had a bigger audience here, with some people coming out of their houses to see what all the racket was about.
Now, remember I mentioned the Royal Mortar? Well, as went trundled past the very cheerful drinkers there had asked us to dance for them, so after Myrtle Grove we retraced our steps and turned up to give them what they’d asked for. The crowd were even more merry than before and they gave us a joyous and enthusiastic welcome. They watched a danced or two but then, in a sudden burst of love for all things Morris, they decided to join it. Ever ready to nurture new talent, without a pause, we showed them how to do a Gisborn, and boy did they rise to the challenge. They were great, often in time and sometimes in the right place! It was great fun and then the landlady brought us out some free burgers. I wonder if any of them will turn up join us as they promised they would? They may not remember they said that though 😉
As is our tradition we then made our way to our usual finale spot – The Odd One Out. We always get a warm welcome there and the dancing space may be tight but John the Landlord certainly isn’t. It was a chilled out and friendly end to the day and we chinwagged well into the evening.
Can’t wait for the next one x

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